Friday, September 18, 2009

Harvard Recognizes the Moped

...the five-year Harvard staffer has bought and registered more than 600 mopeds since 1972, and has run up half a million moped miles, including a trip from New York City to Key West, Fla.

Though not a member, he identifies with a loosely confederated national group called Moped Army, and on most Wednesdays he meets local riders for a collective run. “We know we are different,” said Seley, who dons a snowmobiling suit for winter rides, “and we celebrate that.”

Commuting on a little pedal-fitted bike used to earn him more incredulity than admiration. Then came $4-per-gallon gas. “Overnight,” said Seley, “I went from nutcase to visionary.”

via Harvard Gazette

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