Friday, July 10, 2009

Minneapolis joins the likes of Chicago, LA, and SF...

...when It comes to well made Moped Vids

As I've said before the bar continues to be raised, these videos keep getting better and better in quality.

If your wondering why I'm so excited you have to understand that it's through these videos that most people will get to know what mopeding is all about and will allow it to become mainstream.

That's how skateboarding, surfing, skydiving, rock climbing, and even motorcycle racing became what they are today, through the use of well crafted movies and videos created by people in the culture.

Right now mopeds are a year or two behind parkour and fixies.


  1. ya, dallas made that video and its super awesome! mpls is on the up and up with our rides, seems like theres more interest everyday.

  2. Do you really want mopeds to go mainstream? I like knowing there's a good likelihood I'm going to get along with others when I see them riding mopeds. If they become as common as motorcycles, that kinship's gone.